GPS is everywhere! Our country collect imformations from the GPS they set and you can not be the exceptional one! Do not worry! Our Portable Cell Phone  & GPSL1   jammer  can do you a favour! 

Advantages :    1.Highly portable.Palm Sized. Easy to carry.

                        2. Block cellphone bands,GPSL1 bands simultaneously.

                        3. Good cooling system with Wind slots in both sides and built-in fans design .Nonstop working

                        4. Leather cover to make the jammer more convenient to carry.

RF Frequency : 850-894MHz, 925-960MHz, 1805--1990mhz  1500-1600MHz  2110-2170MHz  ( US or EURO standard optional)

Color :Golden

Net weight : 0.275Kg

Packing Weight :0.775kg

Total output power :2.0W

Shielding radius : up to 15 meters ( still determined by your background signal strength)

Dimension : 113(H)×60(L)×30(W)mm

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