2016 Portable 3G 4G LTE Mobile Phone Jammer Antenna srbzncmaevGYuofmw NavtechGPS.

Product Description

It is really a pity when you own a mobile phone jammer, but it can’t work because only the antenna is broken. Don’t worry this Portable 4G LTE and 3G Mobile Phone Jammer Antenna can solve the problem. As it can instead the broken antenna and make it possible for the mobile phone jammer to work as usual. And seen from another point it can help you save money as you don’t have to buy a new one.

If you are in need of such an antenna, you can come here and buy this high quality antenna to replace the broken one.

These antennas are designed for 4 Band 2W Portable 4G LTE and 3G Mobile Phone Jammer(JASM170137) only. They are already included in the package for it. You can buy one more set as spare parts if needed


  • Antennas for Jammer model JASM170137


  • 4pcs 4G LTE and 3G Mobile Phone Jammer Antennas


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