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Product Description
PMFJ-279 is newly developed 24/7 working range VHF/UHF Jammer with antennas. Due to having a highly powerful blocking strength, this VHF and UHF jammer can guarantee your total protection of your privacy by means of blocking absolutely all walkie-talkie signals, remote controls, various audio bugs and other two way radio signals in just 10 seconds after it is on. And built-in cooler fans and compact but yet strong aluminum case makes this UHF VHF blocker possible to work 24/7.
It’s very important to mention that this 24/7 working range VHF/UHF Jammer with antennas can block LoJack frequencies too because LoJack trackers work on 173.075 MHz.
At a glance...
Jams easily VHF and UHF signals
Disables absolutely any VHF and UHF gadgets
Operating range up to 30 meter
Equipped with 2 pcs fast fans. So it can operate 24/7
Causes no harm to human
Technical Specifications
Operating Frequencies: VHF 140 MHz – 180 MHz and UHF 420 MHz – 480 MHz
Blocking Distance: approximately 5-30 meter
Output Signal Strength: every band is 10 watt, total output power is 40 watt
Power Supply: AC 110 – 240 V 2.5 A transferred to DC 24 V 5 A
Impedance: 50 ohm
Size: 230 mm x 17 mm x 58 mm
Weight: 3.5KG
Working Temperature: -10 - +60 degree (-59 - 140F)
VHF/UHF jammer x 1
Power adaptor x 1
Antenna x 4

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