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  • mobile phone jammer|18W Adjustable Power Jammer Store Free International Shipping !! dmhtdGbxJoQ

Next Generation digital cell phone jammer; a device to help circumvent disturbances or noise from cellular phone calls.

The latest 4G high power cell phone WiFi jammer.

Universally compatible with new (LTE, WiMaX) 4G / 3G / 2G / WiFi / Bluetooth networks.

Bluetooth networks include most remote control toys, drones, wireless devices.

Select-able switches on the front for choice of jamming bands and adjustable RF power levels.

Package contents: 1 x 18W Adjustable Power Jammer , 1 x AC power supply, 6 x Antennas, 1 x Car charger.

* not available to USA and EU (only authorized government users).

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