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This combination mini model is a fusion of our popular cell phone blocker mini with GPS L1 (tracking).  Simultaneously create a silent zone and prevent unauthorized tracking signals up to 30' away with the flip of a switch.

An excellent choice to provide both a quiet space around you, and protection from having your movements monitored. The compact design will slip un-noticed into any pocket or purse.


This combination unit features:

- Coverage up to 10 meters (30 feet)
- Works 90 minutes to 2 hours for continuous use on full charge
- Standard Nokia type battery is included
- Standard Nokia type charger included
- Outlet charger and vehicle charger (included)
- Red charging light - green in use light
- Automatic shut down circuit to avoid overcharging

* Please note initial charge should be no less than 12 hours

* Coverage may vary depending upon local signal strength

*This unit does not block 4G signals.   If you need 4G coverage as well as GPS please see our TSJ-121TG or our most powerful TSJ-P1088

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