2017 Wireless Tap Detector Video Wireless and Audio Detector GzxwGrduhdnGw_xi 50% discount.

Product Specifications:

  • Wireless Tap Detector - Wireless Video and Audio Signal Detector
  • Main Functions: Wireless video cam and audio bug detection
  • Detecting frequency range: 1MHz-8000MHz
  • Main detecting frequency range: 25MHz-6000MHz
  • Detecting sensitivity: ≤0.05mw (in main detecting frequency range)
  • Working range: >70Db
  • Indicator: 9 grades of  LED light indicators / tonal modification sound indicator
  • Coverage Area: Up to 25 meters
  • Power Source: 9V packed cel
  • Typical Battery Life: 120 minutes
  • Dimensions:
    - Antenna off = 125mm x 65mm x 25mm (L x W x D)
    - Antenna on = 280mm x 65mm x 25mm (L x W x D)
  • Working Temperature: -10 ~ +50 deg
  • Size: 120×62×22mm

GPS Jammer GPS Signal Jammers Four Bands GPS Jammer


  • Professional, sensitive, with modularly threshold and wide detecting frequency range
  • Sound and light alarm indicator makes it easy to use
  • Applicable to military, government, business and other venues
  • Good electromagnetic compatibility
  • Small and portable


How does it work:

  • The machine should be held in hand when working. The SMA socket on the top is for antenna. The two oval holes on the upper right of the face board are for loudspeaker. In the middle of the left side are 10 grades of LED indicators, the first of which indicates the power and the others indicate the strength of detected signals. The last one shows the strongest signal jammer . The knob at the bottom is for power and detecting threshold modulation.
    Screw the antenna to the socket. Loosen the screws on the back cover. Pull out the inner battery pool and press the 9V packed cell into it with the poles in the right direction (make sure the power knob is off before the battery is installed). And then fix the back cover with tightened screws.
  • Turn the bottom knob to the right until it make a sound of “ka”. The power is turned on now and all the LED indicators are also lighted. Continue to turn the knob to the right and the LED indicators will be off one by one from right to left. Meanwhile, the tone of the loudspeaker goes from high to low. Generally the machine become most sensitive when the  third LED indicator from the left is just turned off. When the machine gets closer to the working tap device, the LED indicators will be turned on one by one and the tone of the loudspeaker will become higher and higher. There may be still a small distance from the tapping device and reset the knob to make the machine in the most sensitive state as said before. When the LED indicators and the tone of the loudspeaker have great change, the location of the tapping device can be determined.
  • Should be applied to a small space (within 20 m2) to detect close electromagnetic signals with evident field strength change. The remote signals might be strong, but their field intensity generally remains the same and can’t be detected by the machine. The user should be familiar with the electromagnetic circumstance of the targeted venue.
  • Set the detecting threshold before enter the targeted venue and then move around in the targeted venue. Watch the LED indicators and switch the threshold accordingly. Such office equipment as telephone, table lamp, fax should be detected when they are on. If the tapping device is fixed on these equipment, it’s detectable distance is just within 20 cm and only several LED indicators have reflections even when the machine is in the most sensitive state. If the LED indicators show evident change around any substance, it should be further surveyed. The reflected electro-wave out of metal substance in the building forms standing wave, which will make the LED indicators react violently. If there is no substance, there will be no worries. If there is, it is necessary to move around to do the detection. The more familiar the user is to the targeted place, the shorter it takes to do the detection. If the user stands still but the indicators shows sudden and violent change, it means that there are  signals emitted nearby. The signals from cell phone, microwave oven, electromagnetic cooker or other electrical appliance should be excluded. However, the cell phone is possible to be tapped.


  • Battery
  • 1 x English User Manual (If you need, we will send the scan file via email, it will avoid some possible custom issue)

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