Play Car Anti Tracker GPS Jammer Isolator & switch DR-E808HA DOROAD China Trading Company Other Security without Security & vofYveemmmxhkmfncl 50% discount.

Prevent car from being tracked.
Prevent people from being tracked.
Prevent rented-car and lended-car from being tracked.
Prevent car of government, intelligence agency, famous person, principal etc. from being tracked.
This device doesn’t interference mobile phone and other wiring (electronic device).
This device doesn’t affect navigation device which installed on other cars.
Small volume, carried easily, and international use.
It adopts the technology of interdiction and interposition code, so will intercept the signal of satellite and break it completely.
It can be used directly as long as you insert it to the smoke-lighted device on car.
Interception frequency World GPS satellite special channelL1/L2
Power source DC12V-24V
Consumption current 150mA
Working temperature 90℃
Output power 2mV
Specification of fuse 10A
Range of interception radius 2-5 meters in car(with antenna)
Antenna Full tropism antenna
Size 75mm×21mm×19mm

Payment Terms: TT/Western Union/Paypal

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