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Over 3,000 yards sold!

That's equivalent to over 41,250 square feet of Neffy Wrap



"Better than that 3M Di-Noc Stuff"
-ClubLexus Member

"We actually prefer your product over 3M's"

Supplying the world with carbon fiber fabric. 

Now in TWO fantastic eye-popping colors!
Classic Neffy & Silver Neffy

Neffy Wrap is a new craze that started as an automotive trend but is quickly spreading through all enthusiast communities. Customers have wrapped cell phones, laptops, chairs, speakers, computer cases, iPod & iPhone cases, and anything they can get their hands onto! It is made of a superthin 0.4mm composite fiber and is extraordinarily elastic, perfect for wrapping around corners and edges.  We feature the thinnest dry carbon fiber fabric available. 

OEM BMW M3 Dry Carbon Look & Feel
Superior Breathability
Completely Reversible (depends on application) 

Please browse our Online Gallery for some application ideas.
Be on the look out for new and upcoming colors!

Feel free to submit your Neffy pictures to us. Please E-mail them to info@neffywrap.com and we will include them in our Online Gallery.

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